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Travel and Directions

Driving to Caribou Lake is the most popular means of travel for our guests, especially for those that are from nearby states and provinces, and those who wish to use their own boat. It is quite common for people to drive to Thunder Bay on the Friday before check-in and stay the night in a hotel before making the remaing three hour drive to Armstrong the next day. Many people, however, choose to fly into Thunder Bay and then drive to Armstrong. Frequent flights into Thunder Bay are available, as well as rental agencies to rent a vehicle from.

Driving from Thunder Bay to Armstrong

Caribou Lake Lodge is located 250 km (146 Miles) north of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Following Highway 527 from Thunder Bay will take you all the way to Armstrong. The drive between Thunder Bay and Armstrong is a beautiful drive through pure Canadian wilderness where frequent sitings of black bear, moose, and other wildlife are not uncommon. From Armstrong, there is a 11 km (6.7 mile) long dirt road that leads to the landing where you can fill your boat with all of your supplies and head out to Caribou Lake Lodge.

Boating from the Landing to Caribou Lake Lodge

Caribou Lake Lodge is located on a peninsula on the west side of Caribou Lake. From the landing you will head about 3.5 KM (2 Miles) northwest. You will pass two islands on your left and you will see a larger group of islands as you look to the north. Head straight towards the peninsula (looks like shore until you get closer) that is past the tip of the last island you pass on your left. BE CAREFUL not to get too close to the islands as there can be rocks just under the surface!

Boat Trip Map Boat Trip to Caribou Lake Lodge