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Richard Moore

Richard Moore

"I first went to Caribou Lake in 1969. It was such a nice place with such great fishing that I returned the same year for a second week with my wife and children. It has been such a great place that I can honestly say I have only missed going to Caribou Lake one year since 1969. This past summer (2008) makes it 38 years, with 2 trips in some years."

"The first few years was with a group of men, but after about 7 or 8 years my family started going and it has become a family tradition now. When the grandchildren reach 10 years of age they can go too. So far, 7 grandchildren have gone with us, some for as many as 17 years now."

"Caribou Lake is a big lake, with lots of different areas to fish. We have always had great walleye and northern pike fishing. Sometimes we also fish for lake trout in the evening right in front of the cabins. We particularly enjoy stopping out somewhere on an island, cleaning some walleye, and having an "all you can eat" shore lunch of walleye sandwiches."

"We were already going to Caribou Lake Lodge when Elmer Collins (father of current owner, Kerry Collins) bought the lodge. He always took great pride in keeping the camp nice and all of his guests happy. Even before his father's death in 2000, Kerry took an active role in running Caribou Lake Lodge. Since he took over the entire operation, Kerry has done many things to continue improving the facilites such as: building a new boat ramp, new decks and roofs on the cabins, and building a new fish cleaning house."

"I just hope Kerry continues to operate Caribou Lake Lodge for years to come. Perhaps, the best testimonial of all is the number guests that return each year. We always go the same week in June every year, and of the five main cabins, the same parties have been in all five cabins for the past 8 or 9 years."

"It is a great setting for wilderness fishing, with the basic requirements of a cabin, hot shower, and gas refridgerator. You will love it once you go there."

- Richard Moore
Sanford, Michigan